Introducing Monochord

Coming soon MonoChord analog and FM mono chord synth. Featuring:

3 low aliasing Oscillators
2 filters Modelled on 4 classic analog designs
Mod matrix
2 LFO 2 Envelopes
Triad Chord picker
What more could you want!!

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10 thoughts on “Introducing Monochord”

  1. This synth sounds pretty darned good. It’s not a huge deal but my only complaint is with the preset loading mechanism. Having to press the load button is a bit inconvenient plus I personally prefer drop down style lists. Other than that I’m pretty impressed. Excellent job!

    1. Thanks Dave. Yeah know thats a bit of a pain I did have it working in way you say but hit some issues will see if can fix. A new much improved version is already built with improved wavetable Oscillators and more chord options. Is sounding pretty good.

  2. is there a “no installer” version for PC? (I don’t mind manually copying files or editing the registry!)

  3. I love the sound of these filters in the two filter packages but i can’t get the sequencer to run.
    It’s not in a daw but a plug in host {blue cat patchworks}.
    Mac osx 10.10.5

    1. To be honest these 2 plugins have a couple of issues In OSX for one it wont record the automation(this was my first attempt at a AU pluggin) However, ive tested in logic and ableton the plugins sequencer start and stop with the transport control of the daw. Im assuming that blue cat patchworks doesn’t pass this on to plugin.

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