Introducing Monochord

Coming soon MonoChord analog and FM mono chord synth. Featuring:

3 low aliasing Oscillators
2 filters Modelled on 4 classic analog designs
Mod matrix
2 LFO 2 Envelopes
Triad Chord picker
What more could you want!!

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8 thoughts on “Introducing Monochord”

  1. This synth sounds pretty darned good. It’s not a huge deal but my only complaint is with the preset loading mechanism. Having to press the load button is a bit inconvenient plus I personally prefer drop down style lists. Other than that I’m pretty impressed. Excellent job!

    1. Thanks Dave. Yeah know thats a bit of a pain I did have it working in way you say but hit some issues will see if can fix. A new much improved version is already built with improved wavetable Oscillators and more chord options. Is sounding pretty good.

  2. is there a “no installer” version for PC? (I don’t mind manually copying files or editing the registry!)

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